VLC 2.2.0 WeatherWax

The VideoLAN community is proud to announce the immediate availability of VLC 2.2.0 codename WeatherWax and for the first time in history on all supported platforms simultaneously (see related press release).

In addition to the release of the desktop version of VLC media player 2.2.0, a new version of the mobile ports is also available on their respective stores:

This release, in addition to the usual improvements and bug fixes, includes fresh new features. The most notable ones being:

The often requested Chromecast support is not part of this release but will be added in the upcoming 3.0.0 that is expected later this year.

Mobile versions should be upgraded directly from their respective store, on desktop you’ll have to download the new version manually or wait for the automatic update that is expected to be rolling out starting next week.

More than ever, VLC plays everything… everywhere!


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