Server migration: please welcome “Storm”!

Today I finally moved my blog from my ageing server to a new – blazing fast – Xeon Quad Core aptly called Storm. Some important changes occurred behind the scene; previously the website was running on a simple Apache + mod_php configuration that was overloaded very often, mostly because I’m hosting some high traffic websites.

After some extensive research and testing I went to the conclusion that the combination of nginx + php-fpm was the way to go. So I spent much of the past week doing some benchmarks using ab and I can confirm that it is very efficient, fast and still pretty stable. I’ve also leaved Gentoo Linux in favor of Archlinux which is more straightforward to maintain on a day-by-day basis. These days Gentoo became such a pain in the ass to keep the system up-to-date without breaking everything… which is rather annoying for a server without a physical access.

We’ll see how it goes in the upcoming weeks. I still have some other domains and applications to transfer before I can definitely shutdown the old server.

IPv6 is not yet restored as of now but it should be back pretty soon!


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