VLC 1.0.0 Goldeneye

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

After more than a year of work, the VideoLAN community is proud to announce that VLC 1.0.0 is finally out !

This release has been delayed many times since February (the original release date chosen during the VideoLAN dev’days 2008) but reached its goal today. More stable, tons of new features, this release is definitely the best and most advanced release of VLC.

Take a look at the impressive changelog, and give it a try !

A list of the most *bling* *bling* enhancements since 0.9.9:

  • Increased stability
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Live recording
  • Instant pausing and Frame-by-Frame support
  • New HD codecs (AES3, Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD, Blu-Ray Linear PCM, Real Video 3.0 and 4.0, …)
  • New formats (Raw Dirac, M2TS, …) and majors improvements in many formats…
  • New Dirac encoder and MP3 fixed-point encoder
  • Video scaling in full-screen
  • RTSP Trickplay support
  • Zipped file playback
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Easier encoding GUI in Qt interface
  • Better integration in GTK environments
  • MTP devices on Linux
  • Air Tunes streaming
  • And much more…

Download it now !


  1. Congratulations! Awesome player finally hits 1.0.0

  2. Amazing. Downloading…

  3. Thanks for putting out an amazing video player.

  4. I love using this player.. Congr8s!!

  5. This is amazing !!

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  9. Thanx a million for this cool player

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